Dohop Joins eu travel tech as Strategic Partner on Journey to Revolutionise Travel Connectivity

eu travel tech welcomes Dohop, an innovative company that is transforming travel connectivity, as new Strategic Partner. With this new partnership, the association further expands its group of like-minded travel technology companies that have made enabling seamless travel their mission.

“eu travel tech gives voice to a sector that is changing the way people experience travel for the better. Dohop will be a great addition to our association, bringing perspective and expertise on the ways to simplify travel connectivity for travellers and transport operators and enable them to make more sustainable choices,” said Emmanuel Mounier, eu travel tech Secretary General.

“This strategic partnership is a great way forward in our mission to revolutionise travel connectivity by simplifying and innovating interline and intermodal travel. Technology, simple interaction between different transport modes and systems supported by a clear policy framework are key components for better, more transparent customer choices and seamless travel,” said David Gunnarsson, CEO at Dohop.

Founded in 2004, Dohop has developed innovative technology and a network of partners that enable air-to air and air-to-ground (intermodal) connections that were not possible with traditional interlining. One of the company’s flagship projects is “Worldwide by easyJet,” which has helped expand the low-cost carrier’s reach across destinations worldwide and offers travellers more and cheaper options for their long-haul journeys.

“Dohop joins eu travel tech at a crucial time for travel and tourism. The EU is working on an initiative that should make multimodal journeys a reality for consumers in Europe. This is how we see the future of travel and are excited to work with companies that support this vision,” continued Emmanuel Mounier.