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eu travel tech Calls on the Bundeskartellamt to Address Effectively Abusive Practices by Deutsche Bahn

Brussels, 11 April 2023 – eu travel tech is concerned by recent press reports, according to which the Bundeskartellamt is currently considering unambitious commitments proposed by Deutsche Bahn, in the context of the ongoing investigation into the dominant rail operator’s abusive practices towards mobility platforms.  

As part of a proceeding launched by the German competition authority in 2019, press has recently reported that Deutsche Bahn (DB) has offered to make a range of commitments to rectify the identified issues. The Bundeskartellamt came to a preliminary conclusion in early 2022, according to which DB abuses its market power in its practices in relation to mobility platforms by, inter-alia, instating market restrictions, refusing to share data and paying insufficient ticket sale commissions.

The reported commitments offered by DB are weak. If they were to be accepted, distribution of DB tickets through independent channels would still be undermined. The investigation against DB is relevant across Europe, as it will set an important precedent for what is permissible in the EU’s largest rail market. In addition, the issues addressed in the investigation are central to the EU’s upcoming legislation on Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS), which is envisioned to open distribution of transport tickets, thereby making traveler’s lives easier and their choices greener. For EU legislators, the decision will shine a crucial light on the pain points to be addressed in the transport distribution market, such as content & data access, as well as fair commercial terms and compensation.

eu travel tech calls on the Bundeskartellamt to send a strong signal to the market and not accept  the commitments proposed by DB, which are insufficient to ensure a vibrant distribution market in Germany that is not suffocated by the country’s dominant railway.

“The Bundeskartellamt’s decision will a be key step in the ongoing struggle to make rail tickets more widely searchable and bookable across the EU. This would benefit consumers, increase competition and support Europe’s sustainable travel goals. Deutsche Bahn should not be allowed to continue to subject its distributors to unreasonable terms.”, said Emmanuel Mounier, Secretary General of eu travel tech.


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