Press Release

eu travel tech Joins Thousands of Organisations Calling on Gatekeepers to Ensure Full Compliance with the DMA Obligations by March 7th

Today, eu travel tech joined a broad coalition of organisations spanning different sectors, including comparison shopping, search engines and media, to draw attention to the current state of DMA compliance among the six designated gatekeepers. In a statement released today, these organisations called on gatekeepers to engage in a constructive dialogue with business users and consumer associations, emphasizing the imperative of achieving full compliance with the DMA obligations by March 7th.

The DMA sets out obligations that digital gatekeepers will have to comply with by the 7th of March by making changes to their products and services. The European Commission has encouraged gatekeepers to engage with third parties and end users in the period leading up to the compliance deadline to ensure that their proposed compliance solutions are fit for purpose and deliver the desired competitive outcomes.

“eu travel tech has been in a dialogue with Google regarding their compliance solutions for travel search for months. We urge Google to put an end to the preferential treatment of its own services against those of its competitors. Our assessment of the solutions shared so far is that there is still quite some work to do. We look forward to seeing progress on these solutions and full compliance with the DMA by March 7th,” said Emmanuel Mounier, eu travel tech Secretary General.

The effectiveness of any legislation hinges on its enforcement. To realize the full scope of the DMA objectives, it is imperative that compliance solutions closely adhere to the obligations outlined in the DMA. Ensuring that Google ends the self-preferencing of its services to the detriment of competitors will be essential to ensure the success of the new rules. We urge the European Commission to ensure full DMA compliance by March 7th and the effective implementation of the self-preferencing ban on Google.