eu travel tech Position on the Recovery of the Travel and Tourism Sector

As key contributors to the travel and tourism ecosystem, eu travel tech members have experienced first-hand the impact of COVID-19 on the European travel industry.
As we move forward, it is critical to identify and implement the most effective instruments for the economic recovery and the green transition of the sector. eu travel tech members continue to support the travel and tourism ecosystem as well as policymakers with concrete actions that will accelerate the recovery of the industry.

A close cooperation between the public and private sector is crucial to supporting tourism recovery. We are playing our role to stimulate and bring back demand. We heavily depend on governments putting in place the right frameworks so that consumers have the confidence to start booking and travelling again. This is where we see a strong role for EU alignment and coordination. We strongly urge EU coordination in clarifying conditions for cross-border travel. A clear and accessible framework is essential to restoring consumer confidence in travel.

Please read our proposals in our position paper below.