eu travel tech welcomes Airbnb among its members

Airbnb, one of the world’s leading accommodation-sharing platforms, is joining eu travel tech as a member. The association is excited to welcome a company that today is synonym with authentic accommodation experiences where travellers can enjoy personalized and local stays, feeling at home wherever they go.

Founded in 2007 as a part of a humble quest for available and affordable accommodations in cities such as San Francisco, over the years Airbnb has evolved into a global marketplace for short-term rentals. Today, hosts in over 100,000 cities worldwide rent out their room or home on the platform. Since its inception, Airbnb has gained the trust of over 1 billion travellers seeking journeys beyond the ordinary.

To eu travel tech Airbnb will bring a new perspective on the challenges and opportunities that online short-term accommodation rental platforms face in the EU today. With them on board, the association looks forward to continuing the constructive work that has characterised the engagement with EU policymakers on STR.