eu travel tech Welcomes the EU General Court’s Decision on the Google Shopping Case and Calls For Further Action

Brussels, November 10, 2021 – The EU General Court’s judgment in the Google Shopping (Case T-612/17) is an important step in making Google stop its abusive practices and the damages they inflict on competition and consumers, but it should not end here. The European Commission must take up an investigation into Google’s practices in the travel sector.

Today’s decision of the EU General Court in the Google Shopping case marks an important turnaround by forcing Google to stop discriminatory practices of self-preferencing.

Over the course of the last 8 years eu travel tech and its members have raised grave concerns with the European Commission regarding Google’s abusive conduct in vertical search in the travel sector. The EU General Court’s decision shall pave the way for a new investigation of the European Commission regarding Google’s practices in travel, on the basis of the information already provided by the sector. There is more than sufficient evidence demonstrating Google’s material and consistent abuse of dominant position and discriminatory practices not only in Shopping, but also in travel and a precedent has now clearly been set by the General Court.

‘‘The Court’s ruling cannot fall on deaf ears. It confirms that Google’s practices of self-preferencing are an abnormality and have led to a weakening of competition and severe damaging consequences for consumer choice. But this exceeds the shopping vertical. We strongly encourage the European Commission to proceed with action on the travel sector, further pursuing the complaints of EU travel tech members and opening formal proceedings against Google.’ said Emmanuel Mounier, Secretary-General of eu travel tech.



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