Powered by Tech: Building Better Travel Experiences

Over the last couple of decades, travel technology has helped travellers discover destinations around the world and book trips in just a few clicks and in total security. Travellers’ freedom and ability to compare different options and routes for their journey have made the travel and tourism sectors more competitive and dynamic. With sustainability becoming more central to travellers’ choices, new technology solutions have been designed to allow travellers to compare the impact of their journey on the environment. Overall, there is a lot that travel technology has helped achieve, and more lies ahead on the journey to improve travellers’ experience.

On 7 June, eu travel tech brought together leaders from the travel technology sector, policymakers, and all interested stakeholders from the travel and tourism industry and beyond to discuss what is next in the world of travel and tech.

Conference programme


#1 Designing More Tailored Journeys With Technology

A conversation with Fredrik Odéen, Program Director, Corporate Strategy, Amadeus and Mathias Schmeer, Strategic Partnerships Director, Microsoft

Has travel technology reached its full potential in helping travellers book their journeys? There is still a lot of untapped potential to unleash in the travel tech space. Tools helping travel companies understand the context and purpose of a trip could give impetus to a new way of designing journeys, much more tailored to the customer’s needs. How do we get there and are there any obstacles to overcome to make this a reality?


#2 How Can We Travel More Sustainably?

A conversation with Laura Sinclair, Director of Sustainability, Trainline

Long gone are the days when travellers were not aware of their impact on the environment. Today, we know that making our journey sustainable requires a change of mindset and, where possible, choosing greener modes of transport, such as rail. What are the challenges to overcome to make rail a more attractive option and to ensure our trips become more sustainable?


#3 The Connected Trip: A Hands-Off, Carefree World Exploration  

A conversation with Fiona McDonnell, Vice President, Global Partner Services,

With technology, travellers feel empowered to take care of their journey from beginning to end. Picking the next destination, planning the route, booking a stay and finding activities and things to do has never been so easy. Travel tech companies have been thinking ahead and are working to make this experience even more seamless.


  • 07/06/2023 at 18:00

  • Musée BELvue, Place des Palais 7, 1000 Bruxelles