Position paper: Digital Services Act – upgrading the rules applicable to digital platforms

In this paper eu travel tech presents its views on the aspects of the Digital Services Act relating solely with the e-Commerce Directive review. 20 years following the enactment of the eCommerce Directive.

eu travel tech is committed to engage in the on-going reflections around the reappraisal of the rules applicable to digital platforms and strongly defends the key cornerstones of the existing E-Commerce Directive, namely the limited liability and country of origin principles.

A review of the legislation should take into account the evolution of the European economy, now widely digitalised, but also acknowledge the key role of the existing rules in the boom of the European e-commerce sector. Limiting the current fragmentation process of e-commerce rules, with differing applications at national level (especially visible for instance in the short-term rental sector) should be a key objective of this new initiative.

Please read the paper below.