Position Paper

EU Digital Service Tax

eu travel tech acknowledges that today’s world economy has been fundamentally transformed, with digitalisation enhancing and permeating all sectors. Notwithstanding the resulting benefits to businesses and consumers, whilst adapting to fast-paced global markets, this digital transformation inevitably brings challenges, such as the need to ensure that tax systems reflect the new realities of a digital economy.

At eu travel tech we hold in high regard the global community effort to address these tax challenges of the digital economy, and strongly support the European Commission in giving preference to an OECD agreement on an international solution, as previously announced by Vice-President Dombrosvskis and Commissioner Gentiloni. We believe that such a solution is crucial to ensure a level playing field on tax internationally, and to avoid negative and discriminatory implications for the EU economy.

Nonetheless, the European Commission has also declared that in the absence of such an OECD agreement, they are prepared to adopt an EU solution on digital taxation, including a new digital services tax (‘DST’) proposal by mid-2021. In view of this scenario, we strongly encourage European legislators to consider our views and concerns, if and when crafting this proposal.

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