Review of the air travel distribution framework

Position paper – The new European Commission is tasked with undertaking a complete review of the regulatory framework for the European air travel distribution sector: revision of the Computerised Reservations Systems (CRSs) Code of Conduct (Reg. 80/2009) and the revision of the Airline Services Regulation (Reg. 1008/2008).

This review is welcomed by eu travel tech as the air travel distribution landscape has undergone major changes over the last ten years, making the existing regulatory framework unfit for purpose.

eu travel tech supports the principles the CRS Code of Conduct promotes: level
playing field, transparency and fair competition. As a result, we call for a regulation that:

  • Applies to all players in the airline ticket distribution market;
  • Ensures access to air fare content so that European consumers can continue
  • to compare and choose travel options that best suit their needs;
  • Is adequately enforced by the European Commission.