Marc Oomen

Marc Oomen

Policy officer

Marc is fascinated by the progress and inner workings of the European Union, which have led to so many remarkable achievements.

Through a constant process of debate and compromise, the EU manages to create new realities that have served to benefit all EU citizens. In the words of one of its founding fathers: “Europe has never existed. Europe has to be genuinely created and revealed to itself”.

Marc joined eu travel tech in May 2021, after having led the digital policy efforts of the Brussels representative office of travel giant TUI Group. In this function, he also worked extensively on other EU policy areas affecting the travel sector, such as consumer protection, transport and sustainability.

Prior, Marc gained experience in public affairs in Brussels, as well as in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin. He graduated from the University of Maastricht with a BA and an MA in European Public Affairs.

In addition to his native German, Marc speaks fluent English and French and is working on his basic Swedish.