Director of EU affairs at ue travel tech

Raquel Lopes

Director of EU Affairs
+ 32 2 669 42 53

Raquel is a firm believer that the European Union is a marvellous construction, and that this becomes more evident whilst travelling the world.

Diversity is something fantastic, but belonging to a safe and trustful environment, that protects its citizens and consumers, and on top makes life a little bit easier, ensuring that several tasks and services are less cumbersome, is priceless.

Raquel joined eu travel tech in January 2019, from the international telecoms and media company Liberty Global, where she worked in their Public Affairs office in Brussels for over 5 years, gaining substantial EU-specific expertise on various digital issues.

Before that, Raquel worked in both the public and private sector, in communications and public affairs, both in Brussels and in Lisbon.

Further to her native Portuguese, Raquel speaks English, Spanish, French and some Italian.