Press Release

The Omio Group Joins eu travel tech as a Strategic Partner, Bringing Expertise in Multimodal Ticketing

This week, eu travel tech proudly welcomes the Omio Group as a Strategic Partner. With thirteen esteemed companies in its membership, the association has been actively championing the goal of bringing the world of tourism and transport to users’ fingertips.

Established in 2013, the Omio Group is a travel platform committed to connecting travellers with accessible, affordable, and sustainable transportation options. Partnering with more than 1,000 transport providers, the Omio Group reimagines travel with streamlined searching, booking and ticketing services for over 10 million routes spanning 38 countries. By uniquely integrating comprehensive data on trains, planes, buses and ferries, the Omio Group drives transformation in travel and transport by removing roadblocks to innovation and empowering more people to make conscious decisions about how they get from a to b.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Omio Group as a strategic partner at this pivotal juncture. As a European success story with strong expertise in multimodal ticketing, Omio is poised to be a valuable addition to our ecosystem,” said Emmanuel Mounier, eu travel tech Secretary General.

In the capacity of a strategic partner, Omio will contribute its expertise and ambitions on multimodal ticketing to the association. This collaboration is poised to further fortify the association’s capacity to champion technology-driven solutions that elevate the travel experience within Europe and to advocate for well-crafted legislation that can support their uptake for the benefit of consumers.

“Given our shared goal of a more innovative and transparent European transport system, centred around customers, this partnership with eu travel tech is a natural fit,” said Nuri Boraie, Director of Public Affairs for Omio. “We envision a more interconnected world, where responsible travel isn’t a limited alternative — it is the global standard. We look forward to lending our voice to ongoing policy discussions that accelerate this transition toward a sustainable travel ecosystem built for the travellers it serves.”