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eu travel tech Calls for Swift Adoption of the EU-US Privacy Framework

eu travel tech statement – Call for a swift adoption of the EU-US Privacy Framework

11 May 2023

In December 2022, the European Commission took the crucial step of launching the process to adopt an adequacy decision for the EU-US Data Privacy Framework (DPF), as a result of the CJEU’s Schrems II ruling of 2020. On 17 January 2023, the draft decision was formally presented to the European Data Protection Board (EDPB). As the EDPB and the European Parliament have now scrutinized the framework, Member States’ approval are still required for the decision to be implemented, notwithstanding any adjustments to be made by the European Commission in the course of this process.

In this context, eu travel tech calls on the involved institutions and policymakers to move ahead in the process of approval and adoption of the draft adequacy decision at pace. The draft decision comes after significant discussions that sought to ensure the new Framework would provide a reliable framework that protects the fundamental rights of EU citizens, while ensuring legal certainty for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. The current legal uncertainty following the invalidation of the Privacy Shield will persist until the adequacy decision concerning the DPF has been finalized and approved by Member States, following scrutiny by the EDPB and EP. As such, it is in the interest of Europe’s digital economy to complete the process as soon as possible.

We trust that policymakers will consider the impact of any further delays in the adoption of the adequacy decision and ensure that the approval process may progress as swiftly as possible.