Press Release

eu travel tech launches Manifesto for the upcoming EU Leadership

As we approach a new legislative cycle, today eu travel tech is presenting its Manifesto, outlining policy priorities for the upcoming EU Leadership in the travel and tourism sector.

Travel and tourism are vital pillars of the EU’s internal market, fostering economic growth, supporting local economies and driving employment opportunities. Along with the significant contribution these sectors bring to the EU’s GDP, travel and tourism grapple with a host of pressing challenges. Urgent EU action is needed to enhance competitiveness, promote sustainability, and protect consumers.

The EU political leadership is drafting their priorities as we speak. We firmly believe that the travel tech sector can play an important role in setting a sustainable and consumer friendly agenda.

First and foremost we strongly believe in the importance of regulatory action at EU level to facilitate the uptake of multimodal journeys. Comparing, combining and booking transport effortlessly should be an easy win in today’s transport ecosystem. Many technology-driven solutions and platforms exist that can make this objective a reality. Resuming the MDMS process should be a priority for the next European Commission.

Proactive measures are essential for sustaining competitiveness in the rapidly consolidating aviation sector. If not addressed, consolidation will lead to less competition, higher prices and fewer satisfied travelers.

Ensuring fair competition in digital markets is equally critical. In the travel and tourism space, Google’s self-preferencing practices risk restricting consumer choice and putting rival businesses at a disadvantage. Ensuring an effective implementation of the Digital Markets Act will be essential in this regard.

Our Manifesto for the next EU Leadership outlines these and other key priorities of the travel tech sector.

In fulfilling our purpose, we stand ready to work with the new EU leaders and jointly foster a better environment for each and every European consumer.