eu travel tech Supports the Toulouse Declaration

The Toulouse Declaration on future sustainability and decarbonisation of aviation sets out the private and public aviation stakeholders’ view on the sustainable transition of air transport in Europe. Led by an effort of the French presidency of the Council of the EU, the Union, its Member States and a broad range of representative bodies and private operators active in the field of aviation, including eu travel tech, have supported the document.

In line with both the European and the global commitments to decarbonise transport, the declaration recognises that a “basket of measures”, both private and public, is necessary to continue to ensure to ensure environmentally, socially and economically sustainable and inclusive air connectivity in Europe. The document also highlights the importance of aviation in ensuring multimodal connectivity across Europe “as part of an optimised mix of transport modes”. The transparency and consumer choice provided by independent distributors represents an important building block in this regard.

Please find the declaration below.