Webinar Recap

Transparency on CO2 Emissions As the Key to Unlock Sustainable Air Travel, April 22

On April 22, eu travel tech hosted the second webinar of its four-part series; “Travel your way – the Sustainable Travel Forum”. The subject of the webinar was how to increase transparency around CO2 emissions, and featured an engaging and energetic discussion between Kai Bauer (EASA), Team Leader of the Sustainable Aviation Sector at the European Commission, as well as representatives from Norwegian, SkyScanner, and Transport&Environment. Speakers provided concrete ideas for how to increase transparency, empower consumers, and standardise emissions indicators, with moderator Dave Keating from France 24 guiding a flowing debate with plenty of scope for viewers to pose their questions. In total, 80 people joined the webinar, including a number of representatives from the EU institutions.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our next webinar on how greater transparency can pave the way for more sustainable tourist accommodation (taking place on 25 May). More information will follow suit soon.