Webinar: Transparency On CO2 Emissions as the Key to Unlock Sustainable Air Travel, April 22, 9.15 – 10.45 CET

Prices, dates, seats, priority boarding – when it comes to booking a flight, consumers have so much choice. The only thing they don’t have a choice about is the environmental impact of their journey.

As the Commission made clear in its recent Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, in order to be able to make more sustainable choices, consumers need access to as much information as possible. And while some airlines do offer information related to emissions, there is no standardised measurement system and thus no way of comparing providers. This means that for travel distribution platforms, getting clear and consistent information on CO2 emissions can be very challenging, and even when this data exists, it is too often inaccessible.

To discuss challenges and opportunities of increasing transparency around CO2 emissions and paving the way for better informed travellers, eu travel tech will hold a webinar on:

“Transparency on CO2 emissions as the key to unlock sustainable air travel”, 22 April, 9.15-10.45 CET

This webinar will look at possible solutions to questions such as: How can CO2 emissions measurements be standardised, and what information is needed for travellers to be adequately informed? What role can travel intermediates play to enhance information and to enrich travellers’ choices? How can we guarantee full transparency from all stakeholders?


Keynote speech: Kai Bauer, Principal Advisor Environment & Sustainability at the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Debate moderated by Dave Keating, France 24:

  • Jo Dardenne, Aviation Manager at Transport & Environment (T&E)
  • Magnus Gislev, Team leader sustainable air travel in DG MOVE, European Commission
  • Sam Edwards, Head of Sustainability Products (Green label project leader) at Skyscanner
  • Anders Fagernæs, VP Sustainability at Norwegian

To register, please follow this link.