European Technology and Travel Services Association becomes eu travel tech

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release

The European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA),  representing travel technology companies, is celebrating its first decade this year. The association has also used the occasion to announce a change of name to eu travel tech.

The new name reflects the deep changes that the sector has gone through since the creation of the association in 2009, especially with the growth of online penetration of travel market in Europe, which has increased from 28% to 50% today, and is projected to rise even further. This ongoing transformation of our sector has inspired eu travel tech to think about the future of travel. On the one hand, the dynamism of our sector depends on enabling an ecosystem that is competitive and digital – and these depend above all on transparency and innovation. Equally, we believe that the consumer must remain as the central driver of this transformation. And of course, our dynamic growth must be sustainable, in the broadest sense of the word. Only by combining all of these factors can the travel sector truly enrich Europe’s economy – and its societies.

Our newly named association also welcomes this week the appointment of Guillaume Teissonniere, General Counsel and Company Secretary at eDreams ODIGEO, as eu travel tech Chairperson. He said: “Online travel distributors have helped reshape the industry by empowering travellers to find better options based on choice, price and flexibility. eu travel tech members want to use our technological expertise and deep experience in the travel and tourism sector to contribute to policymaking that reflects the realities of the modern travel sector.”

Emmanuel Mounier, Secretary General of eu travel tech, added “This change reflects the substantial transformation of the online travel landscape in the last years. We can proudly say that we now represent the full spectrum of online travel distributors, which are crucial contributors to an ever-stronger EU travel and tourism sector. We are looking forward to working together with the renewed EU institutions – we trust that policy and industry objectives can be fully aligned to continue to drive sustainable economic growth in Europe and to provide the best online travel services to consumers.”