Position paper on a EU framework for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a promise of the future. Instead, many companies – big and small – are investing in innovative and powerful data applications to, for example, increase productivity and efficiency gains, optimize their businesses and enhance consumers´ experience. AI features undoubtedly offer users many more opportunities, and in recent years its exponential development and uptake has supported exciting innovations, including for the travel tech sector. eu travel tech members invest heavily in the use of intelligent tools and techniques to help improve customer experience, sustain a more competitive European tourism sector, and support the industry’s sustainability goals.

We recognize that as new technologies and digital-based businesses develop, new challenges also emerge. Some of them may require a proper assessment from businesses and policy makers. This is especially true for those high risk applications that could undermine fundamental rights or human well-being.

eu travel tech welcomes that the European Commission White Paper on Artificial Intelligence acknowledges AI as a source of progress for our societies and growth for our businesses and puts the focus on regulating high-risk applications of AI without stifling crucial innovation in Europe. We welcome the European Commission’s focus on high-risk applications within high-risk sectors as an important step in ensuring a targeted and risk-based approach to the AI framework. This approach will help avoid blanket regulation of AI, which would harm investment and innovation where the risks of using AI are negligible.


Read our position paper below.